About us

Set up in 2000 by the charitable foundation Sirius, the animal shelter was initially located in the village Yasnogorodka, Kyiv region. Since 2000, we have been carrying out a spay-and-neuter program for homeless cats and dogs searching for cozy housing and caring adopters for them. This way we promote a humane solution to the stray animals problem. So far, more than 12 000 animals have found homes. Sirius vaccinates and sterilizes them as well as helps low-income families take care of the adopted pets absolutely for free.


Presently, the shelter hosts over 3300 homeless cats and dogs. All of them are timely vaccinated, fed, and treated. 

Since the early days of its foundation, Sirius has moved twice due to the sale of the rented land. And every time it happened, we had to transport more and more animals. In 2014, the shelter finally settled on its own site in the village Fedorivka.

By now, we have built a house for cats with an individual wing for dogs, indoor and outdoor animal cages, and a veterinary hospital. Most of the dogs live in the temporary outdoor cages. With sponsors attracted, we will be able to make them warm with walking areas for all pets in addition to the separate quarantine building.

Unfortunately, our shelter cannot accommodate all the homeless animals, so we encourage everyone to take care of their pets responsibly, timely sterilize dogs and cats not supposed to breed, and adopt animals from shelters instead of buying. 






 At Sirius we initiate charity events, deliver educational lectures on underbred animals, and help our colleagues from other regions.  

Presently, we are seeking financial support and assistance for our pets to keep on caring for them and enhancing the shelter premises.

We are striving to make a real temporary home for the victims of human cruelty making it up to the European standards.

So any help from you would be much appreciated!

It will increase opportunities for our pets to survive!

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